Reduce Tenant Problems with a Background Check

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by Blake Forrester

Although a landlord and a tenant have a legally binding relationship based on a contract which spells out the terms of their relationship in detail, many problems can still arise. The root of these problems is the violation of the contractual obligations by either party. For example, the landlord may fail to provide necessary repairs or the tenant may fail to pay the full rent on time. In addition, privacy issues can create conflict. While some conflicts can be resolved with a simple conversation, others may result in acrimonious legal actions.

By working on communicating his or her plans, a landlord can avoid tenant problems. Tenants who are concerned about health or safety will be upset if the landlord continues to make vague promises about maintenance. For instance, if the landlord has contacted a plumber for an emergency, but the plumber can’t get to the rental property quickly, the landlord should tell the tenant about the delay. The better the communication between the landlord and the tenant, the less conflict they will have in their relationship.

Background Checks

A basic background check should be conducted by landlords whether they are renting a house or an apartment.

Here are some steps the landlord should take before renting out property:

  • Instead of renting out property based on a telephone conversation, the landlord should take the time to meet the tenant in person and get to know them. This will form the basis of a positive relationship.
  • Inform the tenant about the need for a background check and ask for the necessary information to conduct it.
  • Outsource a Background check. Although this will incur an expense for the tenant, it is worth the effort to avoid future problems.

Depending on the terms of the contract, the landlord should only collect all rentals and all fees after the background check has cleared. A personal interview and a background check should be done before accepting any payments, including a deposit to secure the lease. Asking for money before the tenant has been accepted can be a source of potential problems.

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