Avoiding Disaster with a Tenant Background Screening

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When you have rental properties, just about the most important factors that impact profitability is selecting the best tenant for the property. Poor tenant selection contributes to eviction, vacancy and maintenance issues. So how do you avoid mistakes? Relax, wait and see, and be objective. For those who have trouble consistently choosing good tenants, having a professional property manager you will save a fortune in lost rents, legal fees and repairs. Most apartment tenant disasters start out with a desperate investor.  It usually is that the investor’s mortgage payment is more expensive than the monthly rent that the market will bear for similar vacant properties -which may be the case in many areas currently experiencing a drop in home based values combined with an excess of foreclosure or short sale inventory, for instance Phoenix. If an investor has a vacant property and is anxious to get it leased, they could shorten the screening process and ignore warning signs, sometimes settling for any warm body having a paycheck.

How do you avoid mistakes?

Here i will discuss five tips from HomeLovers (www.homelovers.com) concerning how to avoid the kind of tenants that inevitably produce eviction. HomeLovers is one of Arizona’s fastest growing property investing and property management companies.


If you buy in a low-rent neighborhood, itrrrs likely high that you will get the amount of tenants with financial problems. That may be asking for trouble.  Before you purchase an investment property, look around the neighborhood to see who lives there, and think about the kind of tenants that neighborhood is most probably to attract.


In case your marketing is not putting the accommodation in front of the right people and achieving their attention, in that case your advertising needs to be reevaluated. Work best tenants looking inside newspaper or online?  Which papers have the kind of readers you desire as tenants? Toddler advertising in a publication with younger readers but if your rental property is for the high-end. How much traffic does your website attract that you are considering? Before you spend money, take time to do the level of due diligence that means are reaching the best people


Not be casual about speaking to a prospective tenant around the phone. Good tenants aren’t merely wanting for a new home – these are looking for the right landlord, too. If you wish the best tenant, you will need to take the calls instantly rather than letting them head over to voice mail, and be ready to sell them on why your possessions is right for them.  Always bear in mind that every single day accommodations sits vacant is money from a pocket. Calling them back tomorrow may have just cost you $40-$80 in lost rent.


The screening process gets underway with the way you answer the product and the questions i hear you ask. This is true for landlords, real estate professionals or property managers. Don’t make it up as you go! Be prepared for the questions the prospective tenant will ask, and really know what you are going to ask them.  You will only sign one lease, but should be taking dozens of calls. In the event the person you are on the unit with isn’t going to qualify you wish to spend as little time as you can finding out! Tell them about initial rent and security deposit requirements. Discuss other important facts in connection with rental that may help disqualify the chance. Anyone who doesn’t want to reply to your questions probably won’t qualify so protect your time and energy.

HAVE A CONSISTENT, ROBUST RENTAL APPLICATIONIf you don’t have a quality rental application, obtain one. The applicant should know they need to fill out the application completely and that you will be running a criminal record search.  Before you approve a tenant you can even examine public records for outstanding judgments, criminal record, current residency, employment and, certainly, a thorough credit check.  Consistency in the way you handle applicants. Use a detailed process and abide by it every time. Make sure you comprehend the Fair Housing laws and the state-specific Tenant and Landlord statutes that apply.  Being all over the board with your screening process could create a discrimination lawsuit. Were constantly asked by proprietors to do things that would be a direct violation on the law.  If you don’t really know what you can ask, and what criteria will disqualify a tenant, you will be headed for trouble.

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE APPROVAL PROCESS.Use this. You are giving you great news… they can contain the home that they want. Congratulate them and build excitement for the move.  This is the time to go over any concessions, repairs, etc. that contain come up.  Set the date and time for the lease signing and ensure they know exactly how much money and identification to make with them. Do you accept cash? Personal checks? Only certified funds or money orders? If you do not give clear instructions, the lease signing will not go as planned.  Never offer keys until the lease is signed and many types of funds are accepted by the bank.


The Lease will govern your relationship with all your tenant for a long time, so make sure it is a great lease.  You’ll be able to download a generic lease nonetheless it may include language this is not in line with your state laws. You should always be using a lease that’s time-tested and will hold up problem.  As long as everybody does just what exactly they agreed to, the lease does not matter, but when things go sideways, the lease governs how you interact with the tenant. It protects them and you


For anyone who is managing your own property, think like Home Lovers, one of several fastest growing investment and property management firms in Arizona – run neglect the portfolio like a business. Makes use of the best possible contracts, inform yourself about the law and turn into patient. If you decide to make use of a professional management company, select the best one possible with ample local experience. In terms of tenant screening, rushing a deal or techniques will come back to haunt you every time. The costs associated with doing it right are trivial when compared to added months of vacancy, legal expense, and repair bills linked to poor tenant screening.

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