Tenant kills landlord’s son after tiff

tenantriskverification February 23, 2012 0

Enraged over being asked to vacate the house, a tenant in Noida abducted and murdered the 11-year-old son of his landlord and cut the body into pieces, police said Monday.

The murderer, Rohan Jha, has been arrested.

The matter came to light when the boy’s mutilated body was found in Bihar’s Chapra district.

According to Superintendent of Police (City) A.K. Tripathi, Jha – who was a tenant at Sukant Baipani’s house in Sadarpur area under Sector-39 police station area – entered into some dispute over payment of house rent and was asked to leave the house.

He then found alternative accommodation in Salarpur area, where he conspired with his friend and neighbour Madhav Mishra to take revenge against Baipani.

They went to Baipani’s house Feb 1, abducted his son Rahul, 11, and took him to Salarpur.

“At Jha’s home in Salarpur, he and Madhan strangulated Rahul with a rope and cut his neck. When he died, they cut his body into several pieces,” Tripathi revealed.

The two put the pieces in a bag and carried it to New Delhi Railway Station from where they boarded Vaishali Express the same day. The next day, they got down at Chapra leaving behind the bag.

When the passengers sensed offensive smell emerging from the abandoned bag, they informed police, who opened the bag to find pieces of boy’s body. They also found a Vysya Bank (Noida branch) passbook in the bag bearing the name of Mishra.

case was registered and Noida police informed.

A forensic team arrived in Jha’s home in Salarpur Sunday and found blood stains.

Mishra is still absconding.


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