Landlord Sued Over Alleged Failure to Run Criminal Background Check

tenantriskverification March 3, 2012 0

by Chri:

Recently, a 20-year-old apartment maintenance worker confessed to killing a child who resided at the same Canton, Georgia complex.

Now, the child’s mother has filed a lawsuit against the apartment managers, claiming they did not do all they could have to prevent the crime.

According to a news report, the allegations center around whether the landlord performed a proper criminal background check. The case highlights the need to obtain screening reports not just on tenants, but on employees as well.

The managers maintain that they always perform a criminal background check on every resident and every employee, a policy which will greatly aid their defense because this landlord likely will need to prove that they met the standard of the industry as it applies to obtaining criminal background checks.

The mother also is claiming that the landlord should have intervened after other tenants complained that the employee appeared to be watching children on the playground.

Early into the investigation, officials said that the man did not appear to have a prior criminal record. After consenting to an interview, the man admitted that he had molested other children in the past, although there was no indication that he was ever implicated in those cases. The man committed suicide while in prison, shortly after providing the interview.

Source: tvslandlord

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