The Importance of a Tenant Background Check

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Jasika Marshel

If you do tenant screening then does not grantee a tenant will always pay his or her rent on time.Tenant screening will always help you to filter out bad applicants.Tenant screening always helps you to learn an applicant may be a difficult tenant before you learn this on basis.


Before I started doing tenant background check I had a couple.They were extremely polite and well-dressed.They talked extensively about what they do work and about their experience in the company.They offered to put down a full month’s deposit and wanted to move in less than two days later.I was impressed by this couple.I had them complete an application,accepted their deposit and signed a lease and gave them the keys to the front door.

After two months this stopped paying rent.They had every excuse imaginable as to why they could not pay the rent on time and when they would pay.The date they promised to pay the rent came and went and all I got was more excuses.I decided to evict them for non payment of rent.At this time I started doing tenant credit checks.On a whim I decided to do a check on this couple.It turned out they had been evicted five times in the previous 22 months.When they applied to rent my house,they were in the process of being evicted from their current residence which is why they needed to move in less than two days.If I had done a tenant check, I would never have rented to this couple which would have saved me from months of frustration and lost income.

Each and every state has laws restricting what you can and cannot do for a background check.In addition there are federal laws that prohibit discriminating against a prospective applicant based on sex,religion.Every landlords needs to be aware of the requirements under both state and federal law.

A bad tenant can do thorough damage to your property not including the loss of rental income.Doing a background check on a tenant can be labor intensive if yo are verifying their employment,checking for prior evictions and pulling their credit.The time spent on a doing check on a tenant pales in comparison to the time spent on evicting bad tenants and paying to treatment any damages they cause to your property.Doing a tenant check costs less than renting to a bad tenant.

Source: futureproperty

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