Governor sign ‘Fair Tenant Screening’ bill

tenantriskverification March 16, 2012 0

by Bryant Maddrick

Washington has laws like the landlordtenant act that address housing discrimination. But some landlords find ways to get around the mandates, until now.

On Thursday, Governor Christine Gregoire signed the ‘Fair Tenant Screening Act.’

It forces landlords to make public details about potential tenants collected in screening reports.

The reports could be misleading about an applicants past, such as their income, disability or domestic violence.

“We see that barrier frequently for the clients were working with for the victims of domestic violence, being able to find safe affordable housing is essential for their family safety,” explains Erinn Gailey of the Domestic Violence Center of Benton and Franklin Counties.

One example the Domestic Violence Center has heard is clients being evicted for breaking a past lease to avoid an abuser.

Gailey adds the center has advocates to help victims and educate landlords. The measure goes into effect June 7th.

Source : kndo

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