Corporate Tenant Screening – What Is It?

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What is the difference between corporate tenant screening, property management tenant screening and landlord tenant screening?

1. Landlord tenant screening–  When I write about landlord tenant screening I am referring mainly to smaller landlords- those who manage or own only a handful of units.  The reason why we categorize this size landlord in its own category is because due to FCRA guidelines when it comes to selling them a landlord credit check or a credit check for landlords it’s drastically different than selling a tenant credit report to a property management company.  Small landlords have a very very difficult time getting access to full tenant credit reports with a FICO score due to these regulations.  Most of the time tenant screening companies will offer them some type of graded score: A, B or C, but not the actual report or FICO score.  This is frustrating for landlords and understandably.  Tenant Approve offers a one-of-a-kind solution for small landlords where they can receive an actual full credit report and FICO score through our SmartMove partnership.  Checkout  for an INSTANT, full landlord credit check.  No fees, no paperwork, no site inspection.  It’s real simple and even comes with a nationwide criminal, sex offender and terrorist watch list search!

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2. Property management tenant screening & corporate tenant screening

These two are similar however they are very different from landlord credit checks. The main difference being access to full tenant credit reports, customization and pricing.  The reason why I categorized these two together is because they offer basically the same solutions.  The only thing which is different, which to may is the only deciding factor, is price.  If a property management company wants to screen tenants but only has 5 applications to run a month, the pricing will be a bit higher for them than a corporate real estate firm with 500+ applicants per month.  It’s a volume.  At Tenant Approve we are known to offer significantly better pricing for not only small landlords but for property management company tenant screening.  Yes, we make close to nothing but we believe in creating strong partnerships with great companies.  So, whether you are looking for a tenant credit report, statewide or nationwide criminal records, eviction searches, liens/judgments or SSN verification tools, it’s important to find a tenant screening company which not only utilizes the best databases, but is offering comprehensive solutions, customizable packages, easy setup and competitive pricing.

Listen, there are many solutions out there.  That’s no secret.  However, we have clients coming from the “largest” of tenant screening companies out there because people are starting to realize that the bigger they are, the smaller you feel.  No attention is given.  Check us out today and we are committed to beating everyone else’s prices.  See a site with better pricing? Shoot us over a link to and let us beat it!

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