Typical Bad Tenants – How to Avoid the Nightmares

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If you’ve been a landlord for a while, chances are you’ll have come across a variety of different tenants.

Read on below to read about five of the most common types of tenant and how you can avoid people like this making your life as a landlord a nightmare.

The storytellers

Storyteller tenants always have a weird and wonderful excuse for why their rent is late (again) or how the damage in your property came about.

They may be creative in thinking up new excuses to tell you every month but the amusement soon wears off when it’s hitting you in the pocket.

Dr. Dolittle

This tenant tells you they are a clean living and responsible person, which may be true – but what about the pets in their mini zoo?

After getting the keys to your property these tenants move in the animals two by two – cats, dogs, hamsters, budgies, snakes, rats, rabbits and maybe the odd Vietnamese pot bellied pig!

Before you know it your property will become overrun with pets and their mess, making it a real nightmare to make habitable again.

The 24 hour party people

If you want an easy life as a landlord this type of tenant isn’t for you. You may think you’re getting a normal group of people but when night falls they go wild – and not just the odd night but every night, much to the annoyance of the neighbours.

People won’t put up with excessive noise for very long and before you know it, you’ll have official complaints from the council to deal with.

The multiplying tenants

So you’ve rented your one bedroom flat out to a young single person and you think nothing more of it. That is, until the neighbours start noticing more and more people spending the night at your place and an increase in noise.

When you call round to see what’s going on, there are a couple of extra beds in your living room and someone has clearly been sleeping in the bath!

The overly-possessive

Some tenants become very possessive about your property once they’ve moved in. You may want in to do some maintenance or get a gas safety check carried out but with these tenants you can forget it.

Yes, it’s your property but they either have something to hide or perhaps they have taken a dislike to you, either way the overly-possessive will put up any barrier they can to stop you getting access to your house or flat.

How can you prevent these nightmare tenants moving into your property?

Human beings are unpredictable creatures so there’s no cast-iron way of avoiding these problem tenants. You can however, take all necessary steps to ensure you don’t get landed with nightmare tenants that take forever to evict

Source : lettingref

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