How to Avoid Bad Tenants

tenantriskverification April 7, 2012 0

by Christopher Berkompas

Evicting a tenant is a costly and time consuming process that most landlords would rather avoid.  That’s why it is important to screen your prospective tenants carefully before handing over the keys.

Often, properties where the owner acts as landlord are targeted by bad tenants since their financial history is less likely to be investigated than if they approached a rental managed by a property manager.  An experienced property management company will notice red flags which might escape the notice of the owner, and will conduct the research necessary to minimize the risk that you’ll receive a bad tenant.

While there are number of stand alone tenants screening services as well as bad tenant databases to check against, the reality is that it takes experience to detect the cues that accompany tenants who may look good initially but turn out to be trouble in the long run.

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