‘Tenants poison, rob landlord’

tenantriskverification April 18, 2012 0

Six people of a family fell unconscious on Tuesday when their tenants allegedly poisoned them before fleeing with valuables worth hundreds of thousands of rupees. A Rescue 1122 official said that around noon, the emergency service had received a call about an unconscious family at a house at Hassan Park, Gulshan Ravi.

He said that within seven minutes, rescuers reached the house, where neighbours told them that the tenants of the house had given the landlord’s family poisoned cold drinks at sehr and when the family fell unconscious, the tenants had run away with the family’s jewellery and money. Rescuers found all six members of the family unconscious. The family members are: Sardar Muhammad, 60; his wife Hameeda Bibi, 52; and his children Mariam, 18; Ramzan, 24; Farzana, 22; and Shafiq, 13. Rescuers provided them first aid and took them to Sheikh Zayed Hospital. The area’s police said they had no report of any such incident. staff report

Source : dailytimes

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