Six Troublesome Tenants and How to Avoid Them

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Property investment experts agree that one of the biggest challenges facing landlords today is finding the ideal tenant that will treat your property with respect. Troublesome tenants can cost you thousands of dollars. Worse still, you will never have peace of mind with these tenants living on your property.

Here is a list of the six kinds of troublesome tenants:

1. Destructive Tenants

Destructive tenants are the worst kind of all. These tenants may have out of control kids, wild pets and may have extended family members that stay permanently with them. In short, these tenants can destroy large parts of your property and in the end you may find yourself paying for all the repairs just to kick them off the premise.

The best way to avoid these tenants is to properly screen them. Make sure you call their previous landlords and ask specific questions about how they treated the premise.

2. Noisy Tenants

Noisy tenants can be really frustrating. You will find that the neighbors will not appreciate loud arguments, parties on weekdays and blasting music, so don’t be surprise if you receive complaints. It is hard to screen for these kinds of tenants, but be sure to ask the previous landlords if there were any noise complaints from the applicant’s neighbors.

3. The Pet Lover

We all love animals, but they are just too messy to keep in an apartment. Some tenants can’t resist bringing pets onto the premise, even if there is a strict prohibition on doing so. If you find that you are receiving complaints about bad smells or loud barking noises, chances are your tenant is breaking the rules. A simple warning should suffice, but if they continue to break regulations consider having them removed.

4. The Tenant with Money Troubles

The main responsibility for tenants is to pay rent on time. If you find that a certain tenant is consistently late for payment, then you may have a problem on your hands. The best way to avoid this type of tenant, according to property investment advice is to conduct a background credit check on your potential tenants. A poor credit history can be a sign of money troubles.

5. The Tenant with a Huge Extended Family

When there are more people living on your premise, the home is subjected to greater amounts of wear and tear. Make sure you place a clause in your contract limiting the number of people allowed to stay in the home and conduct scheduled visits regularly.

6. The Dishonest Tenant

A dishonest tenant is a nightmare for any landlord. The dishonest tenant will lie about the state of the property when he moved in and will lie in order to avoid paying for any repairs. This can end up costing you thousands of dollars. To avoid this troublesome tenant, you must be extra vigilant in the screening process.

Also make detailed notes on the state of the property at the beginning of the leasing agreement and make sure you have photographic evidence.

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