Tenant Background Checks Are The Landlord’s Best Friend

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Tenant background checks are the landlord’s best friend and can save thousands of dollars of potential income.  It is shocking how many landlords do not conduct a background screening of tenant applicants. This includes owners of house rentals, apartment rentals and resort rentals.

The results in not doing a complete background check is getting a tenant that does not pay the rent, has a history of loud and disruptive behavior, sex offenders, has a criminal history and the list goes on and on.  Wise owners and property managers should always run a complete background screening of every tenant application.

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Liar, liar, your pants are on fire!!!!  Some of your best liars and con artist will arrive on your property dressed to the hilt and driving the latest model car.  You have what they want and that is a place to live.  Before they are out of your life, you have the potential to become their newest victim. 

Tenant applicants screening can let you know if your potential tenant has a habit of throwing loud parties that would affect your other tenants or next door neighbors.   If you are renting a house, loud parties could bring a multitude of complaints from the surrounding neighbors. If you are a property manager or owner of apartments, loud noisy tenants could and most likely will cost in revenue when the surrounding tenants move to a quieter location.  

The background screening will also alert owners or managers of the tenant applicants pay history from past rental properties.  Have you ever heard of the saying that people move every time the rent comes due.  Leaving during the middle of the night takes a new meaning when your tenant leaves owing a month or more rent. 

Leaving during the middle of the night at times is cheaper for the property owner that trying to evict them.  Not only does it take time and money for the eviction process but it also gives them more time to accumulate more unpaid rent plus gives them the opportunity to damage your property. 

Getting an eviction report before you rent to a tenant applicant is a very wise choice for an owner or manager.  This report will alert you to any past issues with the applicant that could affect your contract, future rent payments or potential damage to your property. 

People live where they are happy.  The surrounding tenants that are abused for whatever reason by their neighboring tenants of yours may move due to their behavior.  This will cost you.  Empty apartments produce negative bank deposits. 

It not only cost you because the apartment or house is vacant, it also cost you to have a make ready done on it.  This includes cleaning, painting and whatever the house needs for a new tenant to move into it.  I have seen this cost for a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. This is money you may not have to spend if you are careful about selecting new tenants and doing a quality background check on them.  

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