Learn to Say “Problem Tenants Need Not Apply”

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by  Chris

Recently, a prospective tenant sent a question to a real estate columnist asking for advice on how to find a rental home when the applicant has a criminal background stemming from alcohol and drug abuse. The adviser had two suggestions: live in a treatment-related facility, or look for a rental property where the landlord won’t be running a criminal background check.

How does a prospective tenant find a rental where the landlord doesn’t do background checks?  Troubled tenants look for troubled properties.

If you want to discourage such applicants from applying for your rental property, follow these steps:

Pay close attention to the curb appeal of your property. Safe, secure, well-maintained properties attract the best applicants.

State up front — on the phone and in your rental ads, that you require tenant background checks of all rental applicants under consideration.

Present a professional, well-informed demeanor each time you speak with the prospect.

Ask about the prospective tenant’s background before you offer a tour of the property.

Consider obtaining a Crime Free Multi-Housing Certification to display for prospective tenants.  Let prospects know that crime is a reason for eviction.

Explain to the applicant that you will be involved throughout the tenancy, conducting routine property inspections, and overseeing repairs and maintenance of the property.

There is a third option for the applicant with a troubled history. A landlord is not required to reject every rental applicant with a nonviolent criminal background. Perhaps, if the applicant is honest about his past troubles, there may be landlords who are willing to take a chance on him as a tenant.  Maybe he deserves the opportunity to rehabilitate his rental history. At the same time, his next landlord deserves to know what he or she is getting into, and assess the degree of risk they are willing to undertake when providing rental housing.

If a landlord forgoes running tenant background checks, they place themselves at the mercy of the applicant to learn the whole truth.

Source : tvslandlordblog

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