Landlord Tenant Screening Process in New York

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If you’re looking for an home or currently renting, you have to be conscious of how you can be sure that your assessment comes back positive. It’s tough enough to find the right place in NYC, you won’t want to find your dream place only to be denied by a landlord over an item that appears on your report. If your prospective landlord turns a person down because of damaging information, he’s expected to disclose to you which bureau he acquired the material from.

What’s involved in the screening process? When you have submitted your rent or lease application, the owner will send your information to a tenant evaluating bureau. The bureau takes your material and checks for items in your past.

The process is a lot like a credit assessment, only it can be a lot more precise.

The tenant screening bureau collects info from your court history, credit history, and any other public information you will likely have. In addition to this, they accumulate any information possible on your background with utility companies, former landlords, and a wide variety of other sources. Their principal goal is to try to assess whether you’ll be able to meet your financial obligations.

How will I ensure my tenant screening report is positive? One way to look appealing to potential landlords is to live a stable way of life and pay your bills on time. Keep in mind that your consumer credit report holds vital weight on your tenant report, so ensure that your credit history in good standing. Avoid legal quarrels with your landlord, if you take your landlord to court, you can wind up on a black list that greatly hinders your property options.

Let’s say my tenant screening report reveals poor content? First of all, look at your credit report to make sure its facts are correct. You can acquire a free yearly copy of your credit report from the three credit reporting agencies, Equifax, Experian, and Transunion. If you locate anything in your report that is incorrect, the process for correcting the information is relatively painless. Moreover, repairing incorrect info on your tenant screening report is not overly difficult, however, you should check with the screening bureau to see their dispute procedures. If you were blacklisted as a result of housing court case, the only option will be to retain a housing attorney to assist you navigate the process.

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