The Importance Of Tenant Screening

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by EmmaBrown

In London there is always demand for apartment or house rentals so it is easy to rent out your property. The hard part of the process is not the making of the home inventory London reports but finding the right tenants, the ones that will take a good care of your property and will not cost you a fortune to repair after they leave. Of course, you can hire a letting agent to do all the tenant screening for you but if you can’t afford it, you may find these next tips very useful.
In order to be sure that your future tenants are reliable, you should insist on receiving several documents from them.

Recommendations written by previous landlords can be very useful because they will contain information about the behaviour of the tenants. You will understand if they paid the rent on time, if they maintained the appliances, furniture and decoration well and if they had any conflicts with their ex-landlord.
You should also verify the identity of the tenants. This means that you should ask them, in a kindly manner of course, to show you their ID cards or driving license plus bank statements to see if they have a working bank account with a good record.
Another part of the screening that you may perform is the credit check. In this way you will find out if your future tenants are too much in debt or if they pay their bills regularly.
These documents will give you enough information about your tenants, so you can calmly sign the tenancy agreement after gathering them. After that the only thing left to do, will be the inventory London check in report.

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