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As a landlord, you may have already had problems with your renters. None paid rents, damaged material and accommodations, and other fights that have seriously threatened you at a moment or another. Relations between landlords and tenants are not easy to handle as there many stakes are in between this very relation. Just like anything else, you need guarantees and safety. Very often, the guarantees and safety elements that are given to you may not enough and asking for more details is very comprehensible.

Making sure that a tenant will be paying rents regularly or that he will keep the house or apartment in a good state is a serious question nobody would like to think lightly. Tenant screening appears as a good option for making sure that you as well as your property will be fully respected by your new renters. What you ask a guarantees are often written statutory declarations and maybe written proofs that the tenant has been serious in the past and will thus be serious with you after the lease is signed. Unfortunately, these guarantees do not assess how much you can trust your tenant and sometimes, landlords would like to know further to feel comforted in their choice. This is where the tenant screeningoption appears.

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By using identitipy.com, you can save yourself from a bad tenant in just a click. The information you have about your potential renter enable you to access a large database where everything you need to know is provided to you. This tenant screening database offers a complete perspective to understand with whom you are dealing. Neighbours declarations, address history and many more details you need to make your choice are available there. By getting an accurate impression how the type of renter and neighbour your tenant is, you give yourself the best guarantee that a good person is going to occupy your accommodation, who pays rents regularly and on time and respect the material he or she is renting. Tenant screening can save you from lots of issues, troubles and potential financial losses. It is perfectly legal to check who is going to live in your place, so you can be 100% sure nothing bad will ever come from your check.

With identitipy.com, you will find a complete database about your tenant that involves criminal records, sex offender check, social security checks and bankruptcy checks among others. The bankruptcy check will also help you to make sure that rents are properly paid by your renter. Tenant screening enables you to secure your renting income by making sure you pick up the right tenant for your house or apartment. Lawsuits, judgments, and liens are another guarantee that enables you to check if your renter has already been involved in courts and judgments, whether they were related to house occupation or not. Tenant screening is your option to make the best choice possible when you are decided to take this very serious step of renting your house. This choice involves a lot of responsibilities from you and from your renter; your life and things are part of what you rent, and so you should get all your chances to protect them as much as you can.

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