Screening Tenants – Important Steps to Proper Tenant Screening

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Hi, this is Frank Chen with, the only site you need as a real estate investor. Today I’ve got quick video on some helpful tenant screening tips that will help you with your tenant checks.

Rental Application:

* Applicant provides photo I.D.
* Don’t hand out applications – have the tenant complete the application on the spot.
* Don’t let the applicant fill out the form – instead, ask the applicant questions while you complete the form yourself.
* Charge a nonrefundable application fee (~$25-40) – separate the serious from the window shoppers.
* Require applicant to sign authorization for a criminal background check

At a bare minimum, screening tenants include:

* Talking to the current and prior landlord
* Verifying the tenant’s job or other sources of income
* Criminal background
* Evictions
* Credit report

Additional steps when you screen tenants:

* Personally visiting the applicant in their current home – If you pay a surprise visit, you’ll be able to collect a great deal of information.
* Talk to the applicant’s existing or old neighbors – they’ll provide a wealth of valuable information for FREE

Don’t get tricked!
– Falsify Identity → ask for photo I.D. and social security number card
– Falsify prior landlord info/address
* How much is rent, street address, how long tenant has rented for
* Utility bill on current address
* Check County Treasurer for property info

– Falsify employment → Pay stub, call employer, etc…
– Conceal Eviction → civil records, prior landlord
– Under-reporting # of occupants → prior landlord
– Additional Warning Signs:
* Very eager
* Sign with little inspection

Screening tenants can definitely be tedious process, but trust me when I say its well worth the effort. The more thorough you are, the less litter to pick up, less damage to repair, fewer late or bounced rent checks, and longer-term tenants.

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