Here’s What It Takes To Do Tenant Screening

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by Rudy Silva

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If you want to secure your rental business, conduct tenant screening. Make sure you conduct tenant screening for your security. There are legitimate ways to screen a tenant. There are important steps in doing your own screening. If you need assistant, find a tenant screening agency. If you do screening yourself its work and you might miss something. Start your tenant screening by reading this article.

Tenant screening is an effective approach to determine the tenant background, which includes credit check screening. The primary purpose of every tenant check is to verify whether the information that potential tenants provide is true.

The process of tenant background check is similar to employment screening. From potential tenant, you get the necessary information such as complete name, complete previous address and name of previous landlord if possible and his or her current job.

Noteworthy should it be on your renters screening that a person who is not particular with personal hygiene is not interested in keeping his personal surrounding clean. Remember that his personal living space reflects his personality and character.

Of course, his co-workers, whether formerly or incumbent are also great source of information or its verification. You can initiate tenant screening from them in terms of credit history by asking innocent, yet helpful questions.

Some websites offer free services of tenant check. All you have to do is sign up for free at their website. Once your membership is active, you can have access to their database containing lists of bad tenants. Some websites may require tenant’s information such as Social Security Number, Driver’s License Number and complete name.

The public records are not to be missed out during Tenant screening. Not only should you be concerned about credit check screening. It is imperative that you should also know whether he is free of criminal charges and has never been convicted of any crime.

During the meeting, select your questions. They should gear towards knowing more about his background. For example, know the reasons for the transfer and the number of persons who live with him. This can give you information on his personal life without appearing an intruder.

Tenant background check may also be done by landlords themselves, property owners, property managers or their representative. The best way to do Tenant Screening on potential tenant’s credit and eviction history is to speak with their former landlords.

First, you need to get necessary information—such as tenant’s complete name, details of at least three former landlords, the reason for moving and their source of income-from the tenant applicants. After that, you need to conduct tenant verification.

If you do not have anybody to conduct credit screening for your tenant, or for some reasons it is impossible to do it yourself, you can opt for private agency. Try the telephone directory for the contact details of reputable investigative agency. They are willing to help you with your tenant check.

The World Wide Web has also made it possible to do the tenant screening. Hundreds of websites have specialization in background check. You can choose to take advantage of the free services that some offer. All you need to do is become a member by signing up [membership is free], then you can have full access to their database.

It is not actually very important to be a privy to your potential tenant’s personal life such as his sexual orientation, political views, race and gender in doing Tenant Screening. It is important that you stay within what the State laws allow in terms of tenant check. You must respect tenant rights, and that includes protection against discrimination.

This article was written by Rudy Silva  and originally published on Business Highlight

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