How to Check References of Prospective Tenants for Your Rental Property

tenantriskverification September 14, 2012 0


Find out the background of prospective tenants by checking each applicant’s credit history and references.


  • Require prospective tenants to complete written rental applications. Ask for credit histories, personal references, and names of employers and former landlords.
  • Consider charging a rental application fee to cover the costs (such as long distance phone calls) of checking references.
  • Verify employment status and bank information by contacting employers and financial institutions.
  • Get recommendations on the character and trustworthiness of potential renters by contacting personal references.
  • Contact former landlords to check on the payment records of tenants.
  • Order credit reports from a major credit reporting company – such as Equifax or Trans Union – to verify credit history and learn about any evictions or convictions.
  • Contact an agency that specializes in screening tenants – such as National Tenant Network – to receive reports on applicants’ tenant histories.

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