Rentec Announces Improvements which Streamline the Tenant Screening Process for Landlords

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Rentec Direct, provider of high quality instant tenant screening reports, announces upgrades to their screening platform which substantially improves and streamlines the tenant screening process for landlords. With the addition of three popular screening packages, screening tenants is now simpler than ever and requires only a few points of data and a couple clicks. The results are then returned and displayed to the landlord on their computer screen instantly.

Ala-carte screening products have been popular among landlords in the past. While providing ala-carte products for the past three years, Rentec has accumulated a solid set of data which shows the products used most by landlords. The most successful landlords check credit, nationwide criminal, nationwide eviction, address history, and verify the validity of the SSN provided by the tenant. Rentec provides all these reports in the new Premium package which has a low price point of $29.45. Landlords consider this package the “ultimate protection” against bad tenants.

Other packages are also available ranging from $12.50 and up, and the ala-carte services Rentec has offered since their inception are still also available too for landlords wishing to build their own package, or selectively order a single report.

In this day and age where choosing the wrong tenant can cost a landlord thousands, to tens of thousands of dollars and legal fees; being diligent up front is a critical part of being a property manager. Rentec understands this concept vividly, and chooses only the highest quality data partners to supply the credit, criminal, and eviction data to landlords. Rentec also ensures equal access for all property managers and landlords. Traditionally private landlords have had difficult times getting access to properly screen tenants. With Rentec’s tenant screening services, all landlords large and small have access to all these vital reports.

Rentec offers a no fee setup process which can have a landlord up and running with direct access to credit and criminal data within just a couple hours. To learn more about tenant screening with Rentec or to see a three minute video demonstration,

Rentec also makes available free to all landlords, the landlord’s success guide to tenant screening. This is one of the most comprehensive how-to documents for landlords getting started with the screening process explaining how to order service, what to order, and how to read the results. This report is available free at the Rentec blog.

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