How to Screen For Good Tenants

tenantriskverification October 4, 2012 0
This blog is the result of countless hours of research over the internet. We have tried to put together some of the services that you as a landlord would need.. Criminal and Credit check, free advertising of your property, Collection agency, Security cameras, legal forms, informational web site for each of the states in the US and in Canada to cover all the laws concerning Landlord and Tenants, etc. Each week I will try to add more and more useful information that applies to landlords.



I have rental property in both the US and Canada. Read about my nightmare tenant and you’ll see why it is important to follow all the steps. Taking the time now, will eliminate future financial headaches.
I will post as many tips to help you out as I can. There is nothing like a nightmare tenant to motivate a landlord to put the case on the internet. After winning my case against this tenant I decided to make my case public. Although I won, I still cannot collect my overdue rent and legal fees in excess of $12,000,– In addition I put the amounts owed through small claims court and only claimed $10,000. This amount will forever be in his file. The important issue, we were able to evict him. Nothing worse than a tenant who is not paying and you unable to evict him. Read my story and you’ll see why.
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