8 Warning Signs of Bad Tenants

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Landlords need to observe a certain protocol for screening their prospect tenants. This screening process must be done before making a final decision to welcome tenants to your apartment. The tenant’s bank account information and credit report have already been checked. Then, you breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the unit is once again back on its paying basis. Unfortunately, days go by and you are starting to encounter several problems with your tenant. To avoid the same problem from recurring, check out the following warning signs that your tenants will be bad:

1.   They are showing reluctance in signing the rental application.

In most cases, tenants who have the potential to be bad would be unwilling to sign any rental application form. Some of them would even immediately suggest skipping the process. They would bribe you to skip such process by showing you a handful of money.

2.   Their record showed multiple employments in two years.

Having this kind of employment record would possibly mean more than just having an attitude problem towards work. This could also mean that the renter is hiding something “fishy” about his real ways of living. So, he transfers to a new employer even before his negative background comes to light.

3.   They do not care about the poor condition of the apartment.

They will insist to move in “quick” even if some parts in the apartment still need to be repaired. They will not even care about having it thoroughly cleaned before they schedule their transfer. This is a sign that the renter just could not care any less about the apartment. Beware because such attitude may prelude to paying problems.

4.   They have multiple home addresses during the previous or recent years.

The act of transferring from one home address to another could be a sign that the renter is not capable to pay rent. He immediately hops to another apartment before his present landlord threatens to sue him for not paying.

5.   There are plenty of them who came in to see the place.

These are the kinds of people who do not seem to belong to one big family. Although they pretend to be a “family” but their actions and gestures only prove them false. In most cases, they only came to look for potential items to steal or a venue for their illicit meetings.

6.   They seem to be in a hurry to move in.

Renters who would insist to move in the soonest time possible is a sign that they are looking for a place to hide. They are also in a hurry to get away from their payment obligation with their previous landlord.

7.   They wear expensive looking things which they often brag about.

There are people who would love to wear expensive looking jewelries, bags, etc. This is because they want the landlord to believe them that they have more than enough money to pay for the rent. But, later you will find out that they do not have permanent jobs and are just making a living out of illegal means.

8.   They seem to be intoxicated.

Beware of renters inquiring about your apartment with a cigarette in between their fingers and looking intoxicated. This is a sign that you can never count on them to talk to you about serious matters regarding the apartment.

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