68 year old landlord killed ruthlessly by a seventeen year old tenant

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The incident where a 63 year old tenant was ruthlessly killed by his 17 year old student tenant shocked the city of Delhi. Devendra Kishore Joshi, 68, a retired Sanskrit teacher used to stay alone in his house located in the Vasant Kunj area of South Delhi. He was found dead in his house, his body witnessed marks which showed that he was stabbed repeatedly by a strong knife and scissors.




Mr. Devendar Kishore Joshi was a retired Sanskrit teacher and had a seventeen year old tenant. He found out one day that his tenant was involved in drug abuse; he warned his tenant and hoped that he would mend his ways but the issue was much bigger than Mr. Joshi thought it to be. Mr. Joshi later found out that his 17 year old tenant stole jewelry and other valuables from Mr. Joshi’s apartment. Mr. Joshi then called the boy’s parents and humiliated him, he also asked him to vacate his house at once.  However the boy could not digest the idea to get ‘insulted’ by his tenant and wanted to take revenge for what he considered as ‘insult’. He thus came back with a well thought plan to murder his tenant. He came to Delhi, armed with a Khurpi (a Nepali short bent knife). He then procured a pair of scissors and a wig from a beauty parlor in Kalkaji, run by one of his friends. He also managed to convince his friend to accompany and asked him to get his bike. The accused took his friend to Vasant Kunj on the pretext of collecting some money and went to Mr. Joshi’s house and waited for him there. When Mr. Joshi came back from shopping he found the boy outside his flat. The teenager pushed his way inside the house and stabbed him with the knife. The khukri got damaged as the boy hit the teacher. Then he stabbed him with scissors and robbed the house of whatever he could lay his hands on.

The incident brings out the real picture of the ‘diseased society’ that we all inhabit. Where a 63 year old landlord was murdered just because he tried to show the right way to his otherwise mislead tenant . The incident makes one ponder to think ‘what went wrong’? How does such crime shape up? It is important to note that when Mr. Joshi called the boy’s parents and told them about the robbery committed by their son, the boy’s parents convinced him not to report it to the police. The family was from a wealthy background; the boy’s father gave upto 3 Lakhs to hide his mistakes and requested Mr. Joshi not to report. This incident questions us as to how long will the parents of our society hide their children’s mistake? We need to be much more careful, as their ‘mistakes’ can lead to ‘crimes’. The incident also throws light on the increasing problem of drug abuse in the youth of our society, who get mislead and carve their way in the world of crime. The victim in this case was an old well respected man who lost his life just because he shouted  his 17 year old tenant who stole from his house, such a small ‘humiliation’ led to his murder.

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