Delhi Police launches crackdown on unverified tenants

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As part of their drive to strengthen security ahead of the festive season, Delhi Police have launched a crackdown on landlords for not getting their tenants verified and arrested 50 people so far.
A total of 43 cases were registered against landlords and tenants for not getting the tenants verified before giving them accomodation.
The verification drive was launched in South-East district.
In the last three days, 43 cases have been registered against the errant property owners/tenants and 50 persons have been arrested.
Prohibitory orders under section 144 Cr.P.C. Were issued ordering therein that no landlord/owner of any house/property shall let/sublet/rent out any accommodation to any person unless and until he has furnished the particulars of the said tenant to the police station concerned”.
Similarly, a person who intends to take accommodation on rent and property dealers, who arrange accommodation for the tenants, are also made liable to furnish the particulars of the tenant to the police station concerned.
Contravention of these orders is a punishable offence under section 188 IPC.
Regular awareness campaigns for tenant verification at police station level and centralised campaigns through the print and the electronic media are being undertaken by Delhi Police.
“But during door-to-door checking, some of the tenants were found residing without police verification. Neither they, nor their property owners bothered to furnish details of tenants to the police,” a senior police official said.
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