How to Spot an Ideal Tenant

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by Teresa


Have you ever had an idea tenant? Would you be able to spot another one if he or she submitted a rental application? Keep in mind we’re not talking literally here. Appearances mean nothing when it comes to judging who is an ideal tenant. And, choosing tenants based on appearances can get you in legal trouble.

Rather, the following qualities and attributes make a tenant “ideal”:

  • Ideal tenants have a rental resume, including references from previous landlords.
  • They know how much rent they can afford.
  • They don’t waste your time— they show up on time.
  • They know their credit score, and are ready to explain any issues.
  • Ideal tenants have saved up enough cash to cover the security deposit and first month’s rent, along with application fees, tenant screening fees, pet deposits and utilities deposits. Even better? They have several month’s rent in the bank—and the bank statements to back them up.
  • Speaking of pets, ideal tenants don’t pretend to not have a cat, bird or dog. They don’t apply for rental units that don’t allow pets, and then try to sneak one in when you’re not looking.
  • If pets are allowed, ideal tenants also have references from previous landlords for their pets.
  • They fill out the lease application thoroughly and truthfully.
  • Ideal tenants know that appearances do matter. Again, you cannot discriminate against an applicant based on race, religion, gender, family status and other factors. And plenty of landlords can tell you that tenants who look rough around the edges are often hard-working people who always pay their rent on time, while flashy dressers may live above their means and have credit problems. That said, applicants who take the time to dress nicely demonstrate respect and just might take good care of your property.
  • Ideal tenants are excited about your rental property and look forward to making it their home.

This article was written by  Teresa and originally published on tenantscreeningblog

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