Landlord Arrested For Finding Tenant’s Drug Stash And Reporting It To Cops

tenantriskverification November 5, 2012 1

by whoopie


File this under “No good deed goes unpunished.”

REX, Ga. —A man and his wife were arrested after telling police about drugs they found in a rental property they own.

Michael Keeley told Channel 2’s Eric Philips that authorities arrested three men living in his rental property in Rex in October. Keeley said investigators found meth inside the car that two of the men were in.

Investigators then combed Keeley’s rental house for evidence before handing the property back over to him, he said.





So the guy and his wife are cleaning the property so they can rent it again and they find some drugs hidden in a wall.

Wanting to do the right thing, they inform the cops. Their reward? They were arrested for “tampering with evidence” and spent two days in jail until they were able to pay the $10,000 bail.

I’m gonna take a wild guess and suggest that this is all about the cops feeling embarrassed because they missed finding the drugs when they searched the house the first time.

I’m sure that if the DA doesn’t refuse to prosecute the case, the judge will toss it out. But in the meantime, the property sits not earning any rental income, the landlord will have to hire an attorney and if this couple had to use a bailbond company they’ll have to pay a fee for that.

Even if the charges are dropped, their arrest record, mugshots and fingerprints will forever remain in the national law enforcement database.

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