Criminal Background Tenant Screening Report

tenantriskverification January 29, 2013 0


The RPA provides you with enhanced criminal background reports and records. You can purchase a single State or all 50 State check option. To reduce risk, it is recommended you always choose the National check as it will provide in-depth results on all 50 States for just a few dollars more.

Is the Single State Check Good Enough?
Budgeting expenses is always wise; but when it comes to reducing risk and avoiding financial pitfalls its best to understand the cost of saving a few dollars. In most cases the Single State Report should not be used to screen a tenant as it will only show you data from one State. A Single State Background Check won’t be able to show you data from other States where the tenant may have previously lived or visited. Its always wise to do a thorough check to validate and confirm who you are really renting to.

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