Landlords Being Duped by Non FCRA Tenant Screening Services Online

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The RPA has seen an internal surge of complaints to their customer service center from Landlords who’ve been tricked into buying fake or non-FCRA tenant screening services online. This has prompted the Rental Protection Agency to warn the public about online screening companies. To address the problem the Rental Protection Agency is introducing a 90-day money back guarantee on all its tenant screening packages

According to the Director of the Rental Protection Agency, Scott Paxton states that Landlords should be very cautious about using screening services from some websites, “Many of our online competitors are not legitimate FCRA Approved tenant screening companies. The irony about those services is that the data from those reports can’t be used legally to decline tenancy.” To combat these low cost fake reports, the RPA is stepping to the plate by providing 100% money back guarantee on every report offered by our agency.

With the 90-Day money back guarantee, the RPA re-emphasizes the importance of a well-conducted tenant screening. It continues to offer three discounted rates that are targeted to the needs of specific landlords with a certain set of criteria in mind.

The single state package pulls up the tenant’s state criminal records, including felonies, arrest records, violent offender checks, and sex offender records. In some instances, traffic violations may also be accessed and listed.

The national package, on the other hand, generates three reports. The first report would include a background check across all 50 states. The second report pulls up move history, phone records, alias/name search and SSN validation and so on. Lastly, the third report includes a global check by looking into FBI lists, INTERPOL and other similar agents.

The national + credit risk package, includes all services similar to the first and second packages but with the addition of a credit financial risk report.

The tenant screening services offered by the RPA comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act of the Federal Trade Commission. This means that you can legally decline tenancy based on their reports pulled up by the RPA.

FCRA Warns Against Non Compliant Online Screening Websites

The FCRA is the sole government agency that governs all consumer reports performed by professional screening companies like the RPA. This ensures the third party will not use the generated tenant reports for personal gain. Therefore, it is an assurance to the landlord and the tenant applicant that the screening is in no violation of Federal or state Laws.

Also, a tenant screening conducted by an FCRA– approved company can be used as a valid basis to deny tenancy. If denied, a tenant will have his rights to contest and/or file a dispute with the landlord and the third party company who did the screening. Such a dispute, will be honored legally.

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