Landlords: Don’t let your property become a house of horror

tenantriskverification February 11, 2013 0


Property owners and landlords alike take a risk when renting their properties to people they know little about. In the KCTV investigation the property owner knew little about the tenants history except that “they had three kids and a lot of dogs”. Unfortunately, by not doing a proper tenant screening, another property owner found $30,000 in damages caused by the family who essentially “turned her rental property into a “dog kennel”.

Kansas City police Officer suggests “First and foremost, pay a professional company to do a tenant background check, collect all money before handing over any keys and make sure that the lease is up to date and legal for your state.”

Justifacts suggests taking further action by performing a tenant background check along with a rental credit check. Misinformed rental decisions can be costly; an accurate rental credit check combined with a criminal background check enables landlords to make an informed rental decision and reduce the risk of allowing a rental property to become a house of horrors.

This article originally appeared on justifacts

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