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If we approve an applicant for an apartment and that applicant leaves within 6 months, we will pay your loss to 1 month’s rent up to one thousand dollars. All for only $35 each.

Validation is the key to an accurate tenant credit checking. While our competition provides a computer report, we also validate, confirm, summarize and advise.

Here is what we provide with our most popular credit check:

  • Verification of employer
  • Employment hire date
  • Salary verification
  • Name of person who verified information
  • Verification of address
  • Social security number verification
  • Analysis of payment history
  • Credit use information
  • Judgment, Bankruptcy, Lien check
  • Overall credit rating
  • 2 hour service when possible
  • Fast verbal report with mailed hard copy
  • Faxed hard copy alternative available
  • Analysis and consultation of reports
  • We provide rapid (2 hour) service on most accounts and provide you with the most accurate, verified information for $21 per account!

While the consumer credit and employer check is our most popular credit checking product, we offer a variety of options to make our reports more comprehensive or simplified to our client’s needs. We can custom design a credit checking program specifically for your needs or you can choose from a variety of popular programs such as Commercial Credit Checks or Guaranteed Credit Checks.

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