Rentec Announces the Third Major Version of Their Popular Tenant Credit and Criminal Background Verification Service

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Rentec Direct announces the third major release of their tenant credit and criminal background validation service. The latest release makes it faster and easier than ever for landlords and property managers to properly screen prospective tenants.

Rentec Direct announces the release of the third major version of their popular tenant credit and criminal background verification service. This release incorporates years worth of thoughtful client suggestions and best practices from the industry to make screening a tenant prior to placement easier than ever. In just seconds, a property manager knows the complete criminal, credit, and eviction history of any prospective tenant and is then able to make a fully informed decision on whether that tenant is going to meet their criteria for the property.

Version 3.0 of the tenant credit and screening service now needs even less data from the property manager to obtain a full historical view of the prospective tenant. Rentec only requires the absolute minimum information about a tenant, which is easily procured on the rental application form, and is able to use that information to search hundreds of millions of potential records and provide the matches back to the manager.

A very useful feature, incorporated into many of Rentec’s popular background products, is an address history match. When a SSN is provided, any time that tenant has had any utility or credit in their name it is logged. Those addresses are matched with potential criminal database hits to provide the most accurate list of valid matches back to the manager in record time. Other services may not filter the results and often provide dozens or even hundreds of false positives, which can in some cases take hours to wade through. Version 3.0 of Rentec eliminates all the hassle of screening tenants by making it the easiest option available.

The most popular reports have become even better, and are returned even faster. With exclusive arrangements with credit services and key nationwide criminal database vendors, Rentec provides instant real-time access to the most popular and widely used data. Credit reports provided by Rentec include the FICO score as well as the credit history of the tenant. Criminal reports provide the most comprehensive nationwide coverage, and eviction results are also instant and provide data from all 50 states.

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