AccuRental Tenant Screening Expands $18 Report Package

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Premier public record research firm The Public Record Source, LLC announced today the expansion of its innovative tenant screening platform, AccuRental. By utilizing the newest and most sophisticated data sources available, AccuRental now searches over 400 million criminal records as an included feature of its Tenant Scorecard package. With over 20 years of criminal record research expertize, The Public Record Source sits on the cutting edge of public record integration and provides every AccuRental member with access to its ever-growing criminal record database. All search results are completed instantly, providing the user with immediate national criminal history information on potential tenants without any needless delays. All of this information is provided for a flat $18, with no sign up fees, monthly minimums, or site inspections.

About AccuRental: AccuRental Tenant Screening was launched in 2012 to bridge the gap in tenant screening solutions available to large property management companies as compared to private landlords. While established property management companies only account for approximately half of all rental arrangements in the United States, property management companies face far fewer obstacles in performing comprehensive tenant screening on potential tenants. For instance, property management firms have long had access to complete credit reports, criminal history and eviction reports at wholesale prices, whereas private landlords often have to pay vastly increased prices for far less information.

AccuRental has changed the landscape of tenant screening. Whether you’re an established property management company or a new private landlord, the flat fee for a full and comprehensive tenant screening report is exactly the same for the exact same information. For just $18, landlords can review an applicant’s full credit report, national criminal record history, and national eviction records. AccuRental never charges a set up fee or requires a monthly minimum of orders. And by ultilizing an innovative applicant-initiated tenant screening platform, AccuRental is able to provide full credit reports without subjecting the landlord to an expensive and tedious site inspection.

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