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by: Dennis A. Korte


I am forwarding this letter to the POA General Manager for consideration by the Board to implement a standard procedure for rental properties (non-owner occupied) in the City of Canyon Lake. I have lived in my home for nearly 20 years and have seen many changes take place. Accolades to the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) and personal pride of ownership that our community has maintained its status as most desirable city in Southwest Riverside County.

The crime level in Canyon Lake has escalated over the past few years as we all know due to the market downturn and foreclosure properties being purchased by investors who are renting our community to substandard occupants.

I recommend that this increase in criminal activity can be minimized by requiring homeowners wishing to rent their homes to provide a Live Scan Background Check that is approved and placed in POA file for reference.

In order to pass a Live Scan Background Check, a California ID or driver’s license, out of state ID, passport or military ID must be presented. More importantly, the Live Scan process includes fingerprinting, which will indicate if the prospective tenant can pass a criminal background check.

In order for the tenant to be issued an Associate ID card and decals, this Live Scan Background Check must be placed in the POA active file. A POA Policy and Procedures document must be implemented which has minimal requirements for tenants to pass in order to be accepted in our community. This is not required of owner-occupied residents as they have passed the tests through a normal escrow transaction.

The Policy and Procedures for renting out a home in our community should be drafted and implemented immediately for the safety and security within our community and protection of our property values.

This article was written by  Dennis A. Korte    and originally published on fridayflyer

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