Best Way to Turn Away Applicants After Tenant Screening

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If you are a new landlord, you might be apprehensive about having to reject a tenant applicant. Are there ways to make this process less awkward and more comfortable for all parties? Yes.

Perhaps you need to reject someone because of information found in a tenant credit report, or criminal background check. Some landlords prefer to send out their tenant rejection news by mail, so that a clear explanation is in writing and indisputable. It’s also better to be up-front in the beginning of the tenant screening process, so the applicants know what will be considered before they waste your time. Explain your standards before the application process – such as credit score, and income requirements, etc. – so the tenant who knows they will not qualify bails on completing an application.

In the best interest of protecting yourself against a Fair Housing complaint, it is advised to always put a rejection reason in writing. It’s also a way of providing good customer service. Plus, calling every tenant applicant to tell them the bad news would be too time-consuming. So, having a tenant rejection letter template drafted, where you just fill in the reason (or check a box), can save a lot of time. If possible, offer a copy of the applicant’s credit report or criminal background check in the letter, so they can see proof as to why you are rejecting them

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