Reader’s view: Duluth police, prosecutors came through for resident

tenantriskverification June 11, 2013 0

by: Larry Theivagt


I want Duluth residents to know about some great work by our police and prosecutors. I had just evicted a tenant and was repairing and cleaning an apartment.

When I came to work one morning, I saw someone had broken in, spent the night and then stolen some power tools and other supplies. I suspected the former tenant and called police to investigate.

The officer took a little bit of evidence but didn’t promise much. I hoped police would find the ex-tenant and catch him with my stuff. However, I realized this was a low priority and wasn’t holding my breath about the perpetrators being caught.

A few months later I got a call from the assistant prosecutor and learned that DNA evidence led to two women I had never heard of. With the strong case, I didn’t even need to go to court. The final surprise was getting a check in the mail for $340 to fully reimburse me for my loss.

I commend the Duluth police and prosecuting attorneys for taking all crime seriously and for the professional way all city officials dealt with me.

This article was written by  Larry Theivagt  and originally published on duluthnewstribune

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