Our view: Police, landlords team up to fight crime in rentals

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We are delighted that Midland police and area landlords are working together to make rental communities safer for the people who call them home. Midland Police Community Relations Officer Dan Keeler said his goal is to get every rental property in the city involved in the Crime Free Housing Program.

And because Woodland Place is a participant in the program, management there was able to evict a tenant whose guests were responsible for a meth lab discovered there a few weeks back.

As part of the program, renters sign a document that states they and their guests will not engage in criminal activity on the grounds and if they do, leases can be immediately terminated.

Another crime deterrent are signs posted at these rentals alerting criminals that the property is part of the Crime Free Housing Program. Keeler told of a drug dealer who refused to enter a Saginaw Township apartment complex because of a sign.

There are other aspects of the program including meeting with tenants, safety inspections and increased communication with police.

The Crime Free Housing Program is a win-win situation for all involved. Saginaw Township Police have seen a 90 percent drop in calls to rentals in the eight years it has participated in the program. Renters who are good tenants feel more secure in their homes.

And, the community is a safer place. As Keeler said, “If people are here for criminal purposes, they don’t need to be here.”

This article originally appeared on ourmidland

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