Landlords Can Now Get Background Checks Without a Contract

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Tenant Background Search, a national company based in Dallas, has announced its services are now available to clients without a contract. The company provides multiple levels of rental applicant background searches for landlords who qualify their residents.

Jeff LeVan, of, said, “We want landlords to know that our services can now be purchased under contract or on an as-needed basis. There is no membership fee and there is no minimum number of searches to commit to. We just want landlords to know our firm understands that every landlord/leasing operation is different, and that we’re here to serve them, no matter how large or how small,” he added.

Tenant Background Search offers three different levels of searches: Standard, Standard Plus, and Comprehensive. LeVan said, “The Standard includes a national criminal check, sex offender search and the required Patriot Act search. The Standard Plus offers these services plus bankruptcies, foreclosures, medical collections, employment summary, known aliases, and past address history. The Comprehensive plan includes all that’s in the Standard Plus package and adds a nationwide eviction report. At minimum,” he adds, “landlords are required to do the Patriot Act search by law, so we are happy to help with that.”

According to LeVan, some companies require a written contract, a required minimum number of searches and/or an on-site inspection in order to conduct background searches. “At, we don’t lock landlords in like that,” LeVan said. “We purposely make ourselves available to all landlords who are interested in signing up the best tenants they can get, to avoid vacancies and eviction proceedings.”

In addition to no required contract, LeVan said some reports yield results instantly. He also emphasized that their credit report includes a FICO score, which is not always standard information in other background searches. “We have partnered with the largest and most reliable data warehousers to give you the most complete and accurate information available,” he said. “Our system was designed to simplify the enrollment process while providing you with complete and easy to read reports. Plus, those reports are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the internet.”

Located in the Dallas area, Tenant Background Search’s client base is national and includes corporate accounts. “We’re an advocate for our landlords,” LeVan said. “We truly want them to make prudent choices, and by letting them use our services without a contract, we’re also giving each one of them, representing large or small properties, access to accurate information so they can do so.”

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