Santa Cruz, Bambolim locals perplexed over murders

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It is common for neighbouring villages to rally behind their sons of the soil, but the double murder at Santa Cruz on Monday night has brought many residents of Bambolim and St Cruz together on a common platform over their assessment of the prime accused, Norman Fernandes, and his possible motive behind the heinous act.

Residents in Bambolim and Santa Cruz, who are still shocked by the double murder, have found it difficult to believe that Norman had killed his sister over a property dispute between the siblings. “He had a good job and was on good terms with his sister. There was no dispute on any issue between them,” said one neighbour.
The premises where Norman lived with his wife Neeta and other family members, also includes five rooms rented out to tenants.  “The last time Norman and Noreen had met each other was when their mother had passed away over a month back,” recalled one tenant.
“Edgar had also joined his wife at the funeral of his mother-in-law and a subsequent condolence meet. All seemed to be getting on well with each other,” the tenant added. Incidentally, people known to Norman have sympathized with him.
A close friend of Norman has insisted that Norman must have been frustrated by Edgar’s desire for a share in his wife’s property. “Norman has been an old friend and I know him personally. I can’t believe that Norman could have committed such a crime for no reason at all. I believe that Norman was frustrated by Edgar’s repeated attempts to get his wife, Noreen, to claim for a share of her family’s property,” said one of Norman’s friends.
“Norman is a great man, a good football player and a good friend too. Visit anyone in his neighbourhood and you will find that no one will accept that Norman could have committed such a heinous act, without being provoked.” the friend added.
“Even his school at Porvorim had held Norman in high esteem. Why else would a group of students visit the GMC hospital on Teachers’ Day (Thursday) to hand over flowers to him and to wish him a speedy recovery?” asked the friend.
Meanwhile, police has been maintaining a close watch on Norman and Edgar at the GMC hospital. While two policemen have been stationed near the bed of Norman, one policeman has been posted by the bed of Edgar.
GMC officials had informed Herald that while both Norman and Edgar are stable, Norman would take some time to fully recover from his injuries.
So far, the only person who has been arrested in the case is Noel, who is the brother-in-law of Norman, while police is on the lookout for another person who accompanied them on that fateful night.
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