Trafford Housing Trust tenant evicted from Flixton property

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by: Kate Banks


A tenant was evicted from his Trafford Housing Trust (THT) property following anti-social behaviour, criminal activity and damage caused to property.

Ian Rooke, of Ascot Drive, Flixton was evicted on October 24 after Manchester Magistrate’s Court had granted the trust possession of property.

THT applied to the court for possession in June, after receiving complaints from neighbours and intelligence from police about criminal activity at the address, which included storing stolen goods and illegally by-passing the electricity meter on numerous occasions.

In addition, visitors to the property regularly displayed anti-social behaviour, including playing excessively loud music and constant shouting and screaming.

Rooke and his guests would also light unsupervised bonfires in the garden and caused a nuisance through other types of activity.

Chf Insp Andrew Sutcliffe, of North Trafford INPT, said: “Rooke has been given numerous opportunities to move away from his criminal lifestyle but has chosen not to.

“He has caused problems for local people over a good period of time and GMP has been working closely with THT to address the issues caused by this man.

“We provided THT with the necessary information which helped support their efforts in successfully obtaining possession of Rooke’s property.

“It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow but be assured – we will work together to prosecute you in whatever way we can, thus ensuring that the streets of Trafford remain the safest in Greater Manchester.”

Jane McCall, of THT said: “Tackling anti-social behaviour is one of our top priorities and we will not tolerate any actions or activities which cause misery and distress to others caused by one of our tenants.

“Furthermore, it is unacceptable for our residents to abuse or neglect their property, and we will intervene if we suspect their actions are damaging our housing stock or any land we are responsible for.

“I am therefore grateful to both the police and the local courts for helping up deal with this particular individual who was a nuisance to neighbours, was involved in criminal activity and had caused significant damage to one of our homes.”

This article was written by Kate Banks and originally published on messengernewspapers

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