Tenant Reputations Dubbed “The Future of Tenant Screening”

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Peoria based Tech Startup Company, Mediated Technologies, Inc., has officially launched TenantReputations.com. With over 30,000 graded tenants nation-wide, TenantReputations.com is becoming a household name in the tenant screening business.

It is revolutionizing the way landlords, property managers and apartment complexes are evaluating and tracking potential tenant’s renting behavior.

TenantReputations.com has hand crafted a unique platform for landlords, apartment complexes, and property management companies to “grade” previous tenants, Good or Bad, and privately share that information with the landlord community using a simple “A through F“ grading scale. “This first ever grading system will completely change the current process of screening potential tenants. It’s completely free for those landlords who contribute. If you grade a previous tenant, you get a free search token to screen a future tenant. It’s that simple,” said Leland Deehring, co-founder of TenantReputations.com.

TenantReputations.com unique Tenant Gradebook service comes directly from the landlord and not a predetermined algorithm used by other tenant screening companies. Unlike traditional data providers that only use credit checks, criminal and eviction reporting, our systems provides answers to the questions that often never become public record. TenantReputations.com fixes some of the inherit tenant screening problems all landlords deal with such as false references, damaged property, late or non-rent payers, and negligent renters. “Since most bad tenants are forced out before they go to court, there is no public record of them being a bad tenant,” said Deehring.

About TenantReputations.com: TenantReputations.com was created by Leland Deehring and Matthew Scachette in October of 2012. The tenant screening tool was built to help protect the assets of landlords, while having a social impact in communities by rewarding tenants that display good behavior and holding problem tenants accountable for bad behavior. The services are free of charge and incredibly simple to use.

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