American Real Estate Investors Academy Now Offers Tenant Screening Services

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The American Real Estate Investors Academy now offers tenant screening services to the public. The academy is looking to expand services to real estate investors.

The American Real Estate Investors Academy is a web based learning and service platform dedicated to the advancement of real estate investors. The goal of the academy is to offer education and services that will benefit any real estate investor, in any stage of their career, and in any state. The online club has taken the functions of the traditional real estate investors association or REIA group and placed those resources online where all real estate investors can benefit.

The new program is a service to landlords across America. Buy and hold real estate investors, can now do complete customizable tenant screening all in one place. Among the tenant checks offered on the club’s website are: Detailed Credit Reports, Tenant Credit Scorecard, State Criminal Record, National Criminal Record, County Criminal Record, State Eviction Record, National Eviction Record, Income Verification, Address History, Employment Verification, Social Security Number Check, Sex Offender Search, Prior Landlord Check, Tenant Debt Collection, Business Credit Report, Canada Credit Report, Driving Record, Tax Return Verification, Global Criminal Check, Tenant Screening Bundles. This comprehensive list of background checks should meet the needs of landlords in any market.

One of the greatest challenges that landlords and property managers face is screening tenants. One bad tenant can cause problems for an entire apartment complex. For single family real estate investors, the choice of tenants is extremely critical. A failure in tenant screening can cost the landlord several months of rent, court costs, damage bills, and unmeasurable stress.

The American Real Estate Investors Academy is a leader in real estate investor education. The club blends technology and quality content to help real estate investors learn how to make money. The goal of the club is to help as many people to become financially free as possible. Membership in the academy is free, and will remain so for the foreseeable future. The only requirement for membership is a desire to learn how to make money as a real estate investor.

Managing Director Josh Caldwell explains the academy’s philosophy, “We built a dynamic web based learning portal so that real estate investors all across American could access the latest education in our field. We package real estate education in a way that anyone can learn how to make money. We send out our content as email, video, and even podcasts. We are a team of successful real estate professionals with a passion for helping others. I personally invite you to visit our website, and see if we can help you to quit your day job.”

Every investor wants success. Successful investors turn education into action. The American Real Estate Investors Academy is here provide the education.

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