Tenant Screening Gains Importance as Rental Demand Rises in San Francisco

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With vacancy rates dipping in San Francisco Bay Area through 2013 and an increase in jobs, leading real estate and property management firm, ACL Real Estate and Property Management, believes that property owners will need to be vigilant while choosing tenants.

Tenant screening is a crucial part of deciding whom to rent one’s property to and can have far reaching repercussions not only on the condition of the space rented but also on rental income.

According to ACL Real Estate and Property Management, landlords need to focus on gathering specific information while screening applicants for tenancy. The company goes on to say that the first things that should be checked is the potential tenant’s identification information. A state-issued driver’s license is one of the best ways to check identity, even if it is from a previous state of residence. In fact, a landlord should collect as much contact information as possible, including family, friends and employers.

“References can go a long way in reassuring a landlord regarding the reliability of a prospective tenant. There is no full proof way of screening but doing your homework before certainly helps offset any future potential issues” says a spokesperson of ACL Real Estate and Property Management. References of the previous and current employer, current salary and even references from previous landlords can give an idea of whether the applicant will be able to pay the rent on time and whether the home or commercial property will be well maintained.

The next important aspect to check is the credit history of the applicant, say experts at ACL Real Estate and Property Management. A history of bankruptcy or unpaid bills and rent are definitely red flags for landlords. Background should also be considered, although it is illegal to discriminate on the basis of a past criminal record.

According to ACL Real Estate and Property Management, many listing sites offer screening techniques, although not all such techniques are reliable. It is best to hire the services of experienced and qualified property managers. A professional will not only be able to ask the right questions without feeling awkward about sensitive questions, they will support the landlord through the entire process to ensure that the best fit is achieved in terms of the tenant. Property management firms will also take care of rent collection and maintenance of the property, thereby easing the process considerably for the landlord.

About ACL Real Estate and Property Management: ACL Real Estate and Property Management is a full service property management and real estate firm with wide experience in the East Bay and Peninsular regions. The company has a proven track record of low cost, high quality services. It has helped numerous clients in both selling and buying any type of property. The company also offers comprehensive property management services that ease the process of selecting tenants, maintaining the home and ensuring timely rent collection for homeowners.

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