Tenant File Property Management Software Partners with the American Apartment Owners Association to Provide Cost Effective Tenant Screening

tenantriskverification February 28, 2014 0

The Tenant File provides a range of products for the landlord, property owner, and property manager, centered around the main rental management application. These include accounting functions, work order management, document management, vacancy listings posted to the web, ACH processing, tax software, and tenant screening. The program is known for being an easy to use, low cost and effective desktop solution for property managers.

The American Apartment Owners Association serves the interest of real estate brokers, landlords, owners of single family home, multifamily, and apartment building owners throughout the USA. Their large membership base allows them to provide cost effective services such as tenant screening, rental application forms, and an extensive vendor database.

Wayne Gathright, president of W G Software, Inc., which owns the Tenant File, says We are very excited to be able to offer these new tenant background history and credit check services for our customers. For smaller owners and property managers, they will be able to get tenant background and credit checks at a discount without having to pay for an onsite inspection. The larger customers have the opportunity to get certification and also enjoy savings through the AAOA. He continues, We have worked with the AAOA for several years and have a high rate of customer satisfaction with their services.

Source: itbusinessnet

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