Tenant Background Search Now Offers Expanded Background Check Services for Budget Conscious Landlords

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Tenant Background Search (tenantbackgroundsearch.com) provides a variety of solutions for landlords who need to screen potential tenants without spending too much money. The firm has recently expanded upon their single plan to now offer three distinct options depending on the budget of landlords.

The standard tenant screening plan comes in at a cost of just $19.95, and it includes a nationwide criminal records search, a search of all local sex offender databases, and an OFAC/Patriot Act search. While this is just the introductory plan, it is the longest running plan for Tenant Background Search and it gives landlords a large amount of information to work with when deciding to rent to a tenant.

For landlords who want more in-depth information about potential renters, the “Standard Plus” option may be better suited to their needs. This new plan includes everything in the standard plan, plus a credit report with FICO scores, past address history, and an employment summary. Other benefits include a listing of bankruptcies, foreclosures, and medical collections. This option costs just $22.95.

For $32.95, landlords can get all of the information provided in the “standard plus” option, as well as a national eviction report. Knowing a renter’s past evictions can play a key role in whether or not you decide to rent your property to that person. This new plan covers everything that a landlord needs to properly vet potential tenants.

Providing property owners with critical information makes it easier to make informed decisions about which tenants are more likely to pay on time and which people are more likely to destroy property, commit crimes, and walk away from their rental obligations. Tenant Background Search offers products and solutions that give landlords the tools needed to protect their investments. With the addition of two plans to their suite of services, landlords now have several options when it comes to screening tenants.

About Tenant Background Search

Tenant Background Search is a web-based company headquartered in Dallas. Tenant Background Search is committed to providing the information landlords need to make the right choices about renters. Now with three unique plans and access to the best search tools, Tenant Background Search makes it easy to know who to rent property to in any situation.

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