Tenant Background Search Introduces Credit Check Information for Background Checks

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Determining whether or not a potential tenant will be able to pay rent on time and keep a property in good shape is important for any landlord. Information about a person’s credit rating, rental history, and criminal background can make it easier to determine if a potential tenant is a good match for a particular property. This is why Tenant Background Search recently added the credit check information to its mid-tier background check package.

The Plus package now contains access to a potential tenant’s credit report. Landlords are able to see if a person has a history of meeting financial obligations, which can indicate whether or not someone has taken on more debt than he or she can handle. Salary information only tells a landlord how much a person makes, while a credit report can show how much a person owes every month. Landlords can determine if a tenant will have a hard time paying rent based on outstanding debts.

In addition to the credit check, the Plus package includes several other products. Criminal records searches and sex offender searches can help landlords make sure they are providing safe communities for other tenants. Bankruptcy and foreclosure information gives more insight into a person’s willingness to meet financial obligations. Employment history information is also critical when choosing an ideal tenant. Other services included in the Plus package are: past address history, known aliases, and an OFAC/Patriot Act search.

Choosing a tenant means doing your best to ensure that financial obligations will be met, that no crimes will occur on the rented property, and that no damage will be done to the property once a lease is signed. Gaining insight into a person’s financial and criminal background can help landlords make informed choices about potential tenants. Without this information, landlords can find themselves in difficult situations, and may end up having to resort to legal measures to defend their properties and recover money owed to them.

Tenant Background Search offers the new and improved Plus package to give landlords all the information needed to choose ideal tenants without worry.

About Tenant Background Search

Tenant Background Search is a web-based company that provides detailed histories about potential tenant’s financial and criminal histories.

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