AccuRental Launches Instant Tenant Screening Platform

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The Public Record Source, LLC has officially launched its cloud-based tenant screening platform, AccuRental. With over 20 years of public record research experience, The Public Record Source set out to create a tenant screening web application that would revolutionize the rental property industry by embracing exciting new cloud-technologies that have changed the online experience. With AccuRental, that goal has been met.

Built with an emphasis on security and simplicity, AccuRental provides the look and feel of a savvy internet startup with the expertise of a 20 year industry leader. AccuRental serves as an innovative one-stop-shop for private landlords and property managers by integrating all elements of the real estate rental process.

First, landlords can create a free, professional-quality rental listing that is automatically syndicated to several of the most popular real estate listing websites, including Zillow, Trulia and Interested applicants can submit electronic rental applications directly to the landlord through AccuRental’s application platform.

Second, landlords can request tenant screening reports from their applicants simply by providing the applicant’s name and email address. The landlord never has to acquire or provide the applicant’s social security number or date of birth. Once the applicant approves the tenant screening request, the landlord instantly receives a tenant screening report that includes the applicant’s credit history, criminal background, and eviction history. AccuRental tenant screening reports are fast, accurate, and entirely free to landlords!

Finally, the landlord can finalize the rental process by initiating cloud-based property leases. After each party provides his/her electronic signature, the process is complete and the property is rented – without ever having to leave AccuRental’s web application.

AccuRental’s tenant screening reports are second-to-none. Tenants are screened on credit checks, employment, medical, foreclosures, bankruptcies, past eviction and past history records. This provides landlords throughout the US complete peace of mind. Ordering tenant screening reports takes only a matter of minutes and AccuRental never requires on-site inspections or charges monthly fees. Rather, AccuRental only charges on a per-report basis, and that fee can be instantly directed to the applicant.

Careful screening of prospective tenants reduces problems and improves the bottom line for landlords. Poorly screened tenants have a high rate of property damage, noise complaints, and late payment and fail to comply with landlord terms. Landlords can avoid these costly problems by thoroughly screening their applicants and only making decisions after considering the applicant’s credit profile, criminal history, and eviction records. AccuRental provides the easiest method for a landlord to protect his/her investment by simplifying the entire tenant screening process.

AccuRental will continue to add exciting new features as 2014 progresses. These features include allowing landlords to receive rental payments directly through AccuRental, expanding AccuRental’s mobile and tablet integrations, and continuing to improve AccuRental’s industry-leading tenant screening reports.

Source: digitaljournal

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