Cops aim to end tenant-landlord tussle through verification

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Taking a note of cases of dispute between tenants and landlords, cops have launched ‘know your tenant’ campaign, asking landlord and lodge owners to given details of tenants to police for verification. This step had been taken in view of two recent violent incidents at Chhota Baghada locality.

Lodge owners have been asked to submit details of students living in their respective lodges by Monday morning.

SSP Deepak Kumar said that tenant verification forms are available at police stations. The exercise has been taken up after two violent incidents in Chhota Baghara area which led to tension.

Police officials have held interaction with lodge owners and tenants, especially students and asked about their grievances.

On Friday night, a mob of students had allegedly raided the house of a doctor couple residing at Bhrigu Marg in Chhota Baghara in Colonelganj and set the household articles on fire. The incident was a result of an arguments between the couple and a student residing in a room on rent, when he was asked to vacate it. An FIR was lodged with Colonelganj police on against four students and 150 others.

On Saturday night, crude bombs were hurled outside a lodge located at Chhota Baghada. No one was injured.

Thousands of students from neighbouring districts or states, pursuing graduation/post graduation or preparing for competitive examinations, are residing in Chota Baghada, Bada Baghada and adjoining areas. The students are at loggerheads with landlords over the issue of rent and a series of protest marches were taken out.

Students have accused lodge owners of increasing the rent without giving reasons and asking to vacate in mid-session.

Lodge owners claime they have never made unreasonable demand and rents are being increased as per norms and revision of the rent structure.

“If we are able to get tenant verification forms, corrective measures would be taken to end the tussle between landlords and students,” cops said.

Cops said that the drive would be launched in areas like Khuldabad, Shahganj, Kareli, Civil Lines, Dhoomanganj, Cantt, Kydganj, Mutthiganj, Attarsuiya, Georgetown, Shivkuti and Daraganj.

Source: indiatimes

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