Heinous crime: Tenant raped by landlord in Faisalabad

tenantriskverification September 29, 2014 0

Police said on Sunday that a landlord had raped his tenant in Razaabad area. They said she had been living in a rented portion of Allah Ditta’s house in Shehzad Town.

Naseem Anwar, a relative of the victim, said she had started living there after an argument with her family. He said Ditta had tried to cultivate a relationship with her. Anwar said he had raped her after she had spurned his overtures. He said he had beaten her when she had resisted.

Anwar said none of the neighbors had come to her rescue despite her cries for help as they were unable to hear her screams.  He said her family had registered a complaint with the police but the culprit had not been arrested. Anwar said he was pressuring them to withdraw the complaint and threatening them with dire consequences in case they insisted on prosecuting him.

Razaabad station house officer (SHO) said the police had registered a case against the man and started investigation. He said they had told her to get medically examined and submit a medical report. The SHO said they would initiate proceedings after its receipt. He said police had not apprehended the man as they had been unable to establish the veracity of her allegation. The SHO said she had been living at the house for two years.

Source: tribune

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