Dubai owner pays tenant to vacate, gets blackmailed instead

tenantriskverification October 29, 2014 0

Eman Al Baik

A general manager, who allegedly took Dh10,000 from his flat owner who had asked him to vacate the property for selling it, started blackmailing the owner with information.

The victim, YB, 38, a Czech trainer, told investigators that he had rented the property in July 2013.

In February 2014, the owner needed to sell the flat urgently.

“I informed him and asked him to vacate the flat. He blackmailed me and asked me to pay him Dh10,000 and because of my urgent need, I paid him the amount.

“After he vacated the flat, he asked me to pay him an additional Dh3,000 as the flat’s deposit. He also sent me emails threatening to inform my wife about my relationship with prostitutes and that he would kill my son. He also abused me in other emails,” the owner told investigators.

Police arrested NS, 37, from Montenegro, after having reviewed the threatening emails. The court was supplied with copies of the same.

The court will issue its verdict on November 17.


Source: emirates247

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