Landlords arrested in Hooksett dispute

tenantriskverification March 2, 2015 0

David Pierce

Two Hooksett landlords are facing charges after a fight over money turned physical Saturday afternoon, police said.

Keri McCallum, 49, is accused of breaking into her tenants’ apartment at 19 Vindale Road without consent and taking the tenant’s dog.

She and the property’s co-owner Richard Bernier, 68, went back into the home, but the tenants were home, police said.

The altercation over rent money escalated when one of the tenants hit his head on the ground outside while struggling to get his car and house keys back from McCallum.

The tenant suffered a laceration and the other tenant had minor bruising, police said.

McCallum was charged with robbery, criminal trespassing and burglary. Bernier was charged with robbery and criminal trespassing. They are due in court April 15.

Source: wmur

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